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Born in San Germán, Puerto Rico, in June 22, 1948 from a family of musical tradition. At the age of 11 years old he began his musical studies in the Mayagüez Free School of Music, where he would later work as a teacher for 17 years. He completed a BA in music with a concentration in Applied Piano at Inter American University, studying under Prof. Charles P. Phillips. He was awarded the medal to the most oustanding student of the Music Department in 1967.

His feeling of the rhythm and flavor of the Danza allowed him to make compositions that since the first one - A Sylvia - were awarded prizes at the contests held by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the "Círculo de Recreo de San Germán". Luciano has composed 25 Danzas, 23 of which have obtained prizes, 13 of them of First Place.

His Danzas are composed for the piano and only three of them have lyrics: one which was comissioned to him and have become the Official Anthem of the City of Hormigueros; another one titled El Abanico (The fan) which is a narration of the language of the fan, and one of his most recent compositions - Himno a Mayagüez, a Danza which was selected as the Official Anthem of the City of Mayagüez in a contest held by the city in 1999. His Danza "Linda Mayagüezana" has reached the highest concert halls of his country, being played at the world famous Casal's Festival.

He has received recognitions for his work in favor of the Puertorrican Danza by the Mayagüez Lions Club, the Municipality of San Germán and several Cultural Organizations including the Institute of Puertorrican Culture. In September 2000 the municipality of Mayaguez honored him by declaring him one of its "Adopted Sons". In April 2003 the Círculo de Recreo de San Germán inducted him to their Hall of Fame of Puertorrican Danza Composers.

His love for this musical genre has motivated him to give concerts playing Danzas of different authors and illustrating his concerts with interesting facts about the history of the Danza. He has been an important contributor to the Danza Festival sponsored by the Mayaguez Lions Club since 1980, being in charge of its organization in several ocassions and participating as a soloist and accompanist for the different artists that are presented there.

His hobby is computers and Internet, so he decided to create this site since 1996 to illustrate the general public about this beautiful music.

How to obtain a copy of the Danzas of Luciano Quiñones

I have placed several of my danzas in this site (in the "Sonidos" section) where you can listen to the music while reading the score. It is in PDF format, so you can print it for your personal use. If you prefer a copy of all my danzas, I would gladly mail you a copy of all of them, beautifully binded, (it has more than 100 pages!), for its cost of only US$20.00 plus $4.95 Shipping in US. Please send your check or money order to: Luciano Quiñones - PO Box 7063 - Mayagüez, PR 00681-7063 I will ship them via Priority Mail to any US address. You may also order online using your credit card or PayPal by clicking here -

For other countries please calculate and add appropiate postage for a package of aproximately one pound.

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